Davinci Roofing DenverDavinci Roofing systems are the top of the line defense when it comes to protection of your home from hail damage.  In Denver we receive more hail than almost anyone in the country, and Davinci Roofing is a great way to insure you’ll likely not have to replace your roof when the next storm hits.  A combination of limestone and polymers, Davinci Roofing systems can withstand the kind of punishment we see from the near yearly hailstorms here in Denver.

Produced to look like either a wood shake or slate roof, Davinci Roofing systems are built to last.  A Class 4 impact resistant shingle, Davinci can handle almost anything thrown at it.  The best part of this rating is that insurance companies in Denver will allow for a discount on home insurance premiums due to the unlikeliness that hail or wind damage would occur to this type of roofing.



Not only is Davinci a great looking product, the company itself is very environmentally conscious.


Every time someone chooses a DaVinci roof over wood shakes, trees are saved – often young growth cedars that are difficult to harvest, produce low-quality shingles and further deplete our limited resources. DaVinci Shakes also offer a Class A fire rating.


Natural slate roofs present other problems. The quarrying process consumes large amounts of labor and fuel and can be harmful to the local ecosystem. Up to 15% of natural slate tiles also crack or break up during installation so waste is significant. Because DaVinci tiles weigh one-third as much as natural slate of comparable thickness, transportation energy costs and carbon emissions are lower.



Asphalt roof shingles require much more oil to produce than DaVinci products. The petroleum content in our products is a by-product of gasoline refinement – one that in the past was simply burned off. And compared to an asphalt roof that has to be replaced two to three times as often, DaVinci roofs contribute less to landfills and use less of the earth’s resources. – DavinciRoofScapes.com

Davinci Roofing DenverUnlike other types of speciality products, Davinci Roofing systems do not weigh much more than traditional asphalt shingles.  This decreased weight load allows the system to be installed directly to the decking, instead of building a batten system.  This saves time during the process of installation, therefore saving money on the labor involved.

The quality in which Davinci Roofing systems are made allows for Lifetime Warranties to be placed on all their products.  This is truly a product that will last throughout the duration of the time you own your house.

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