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Founded in 1871, Colorado Springs has evolved from a small English tourist community known as “Little London” to the second largest city in the state of Colorado.  Similar to many cities in the area, railroads brought with them commerce, and visitors to the area.

From a tourist location Colorado Springs became a hot spot for those seeking good health.  It was said the dry climate would help people with poor lungs or tuberculosis.  From then on Colorado Springs, along with Denver, Littleton, and Aurora. would be some of the healthiest cities in the United States.

Our Great Roofing Denver office is where our company began in 2008.  Since then we have expanded our footprint and began roofing Colorado Springs as well! In the summer the dry heat can crack poorly ventilated roofs quicker than the roads we drive on.  During the storm season hail is a constant worry, and premium product roofing systems can allow for not only better protection from storms, but also discounts on home insurance premiums.  This “impact resistant” shingles is something we’re installing a lot while re-roofing Colorado Springs.  Having this type of roofing on your home in Colorado Springs can help to prevent you having to go through the painful insurance claims process again.

There are plenty of reasons to have your Colorado Springs area roof inspected for damage after a storm.  These problems can linger for a long time before being noticed, and by that time leaks may be present.  This is why a free roofing inspection from our certified Great Roofing Colorado Springs salesmen can help prevent roofing issues from becoming interior or foundation issues.Denver Roofing 5

Our company’s number one focus is making sure that your roofing system keeps your largest investment safe.  Our crews are OSHA compliant and very efficient in the roofing process.  Throughout the re-roofing of your home we have a Great Roofing project manager supervising the job as our crews get to work.  We pay special attention to the landscaping during the roofing process, and will provide tarps and protection for anything requested by the homeowner.  Whether it’s an insurance claim due to storm damage to your roofing system, or your property just needs a new roof due to age, our crews and project managers can handle any roofing system in the Colorado Springs area.

As a Master Elite Contractor for GAF Roofing in Colorado Springs, our roofing specialists will be able to give you a professional opinion on the state of your roofing system.  We can also provide you with roofing warranties that other companies cannot provide!

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