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Great Roofing Columbus is a necessity for our company.  The owners of Great Roofing and Restoration are proud graduates of The Ohio State University, as well as originally from either the Columbus or Cleveland area.

Our company’s number one focus is making sure that your roofing system keeps your largest investment safe.  Our crews are OSHA compliant and very efficient in the roofing process.  Throughout the re-roofing of your home we have a Great Roofing project manager supervising the job as our crews get to work.  We pay special attention to the landscaping during the roofing process, and will provide tarps and protection for anything requested by the homeowner.  Whether it’s an insurance claim due to storm damage to your roofing system, or your property just needs a new roof due to age, our crews and project managers can handle any roof in the Columbus area.


Insulation is key to keeping your home warm and energy efficient, and poor insulation can end up costing you thousands over a lifetime. At great Roofing, we see two general types of problems with home insulation: old insulation that is  deteriorated, and no insulation in spaces that are subjected to the cold.  

Both of these problems will require new insulation to be installed. Great Roofing can install high quality insulation into your home, so you can start saving on your energy costs immediately. If you have not inspected the insulation in your home, make sure you get an accurate assessment before the Winter season. 

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are a source of valuable knowledge, so you can have a peace of mind when it comes to the status of your roof. Many homeowners choose to have their roofs inspected before the winter to assess whether their roof is at risk of a collapse, if they have proper insulation, and of the risk of other damage is present. 

A mortgage company may also require you to get a roof inspection before selling a home. Mortgage companies like to know the status of your roof, so they can relay the information to the buyer to inform them of any potential future costs associated with the home. 

Great Roofing can perform a home inspection on your time, so you don’t have to move your schedule around. We give a fair assessment of your roof condition, recommend repairs to any decencies, and provide a thorough report that you can relay to interested parties.  

Roof Repair

Roof repairs can vary in severity and cost, from simple leak fixes to massive structural repair. If you inspect your roof periodically and you find any decencies, you should address these small problems before they become major problems. Even a small leak can turn into a major cost if left unattended or not fixed properly, so it is best to hire a roofing contractor to fix the small things.

Roof repairs come in a variety of different services. You may have shingles that are beginning to come loose, or you may notice a small leak in your ceiling that originates in the roof. From top to bottom, Great Roofing can handle all of your roof repair needs. 

New Roof Installation

A complete new roof installation is arguable the most costly service in the roofing industry, but there is a great deal of upside to installing a new roof. First and foremost, safety should be your highest concern when it comes to the status of your roof. If your roof is deteriorating or in poor condition, it poses a serious risk to the home’s occupants, and should be replaced as soon as possible. 

Another upside to a new roof is the increase in your home value. As mentioned, many homebuyers take the condition of your roof into consideration when buying a home. A roof is an asset, and homebuyers see an old roof as more potential costs in the future. Displaying a new roof could be just what you need to get your home sold quickly.

Great Roofing offers a variety of roofing options, from metal roofing to tile roofing. We are also equipped to provide commercial roofing services for business in Columbus, and have a long track record of high quality roofing work. If you need a new roof installed, you can count on Great Roofing to do the job the right way. 

Work With Us

There are plenty of reasons to have your roof inspected for damage after a storm.  These problems can linger for a long time before being noticed, and by that time leaks may be present.  This is why a free roofing  Columbus Roofinginspection from our certified salesmen in Columbus and the surrounding areas can help prevent roofing issues from becoming interior or foundation issues.

As a Master Elite Contractor for GAF, our roofing specialists will be able to give you a professional opinion on the state of your roofing system and offer you warranties other contractors cannot provide.

Great Roofing Columbus services the surrounding areas not limited to:

  • New Albany
  • Powell
  • Gahanna
  • Victorian Village
  • German Village
  • Upper Arlington
  • Canal Winchester
  • Westerville
  • Grove City
  • Hilliard
  • Dublin
  • Reynoldsburg

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