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If there’s one place in the country that needs tile roofing Denver is it.  Denver’s weather is some of the most destructive when it comes to roofing systems, and tile is one of the best at holding up to the elements.  Tile roofing systems allow the homes in Denver to have protect from the dry heat of the summer, the snow of the winter, and the hail of storm season.  These tile roofing systems are made of a resilient concrete mix and come in many color choices.

Interlocking and easy to install, tile roofing systems are an easy and cost-effective way to replace something like a wood shake or high grade asphalt roof with something that will last longer and hold up to the weather better.

Denver is known for its hail and some companies like Boral are making impact resistant tile roofing systems that will not only give you better protection from the elements, but also lower your home insurance premiums.  Having an impact resistant tile roofing system is a big deal to the company insuring your home, and they’ll show you with special rates for those who have them.

The aesthetic appeal of a tile roofing system is also something that homeowners love.  The appeal of a wood shake or slate, without the maintenance, makes any home stand out in the neighborhood.  With many styles to choose from, it’s easy to find a tile roofing system that fits your home’s current appearance.

With the installation of any tile roofing system in Denver an engineer must first be consulted.  The additional weight of the tiles is something not every home can handle, but we will assist you in finding out if your home can!

We offer a free engineering consultation with the purchase of any tile roofing system through us!

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