Roofing Continues in the Denver and Colorado Springs Areas Due To Large Storms

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IMG_3846With the amount of hail damage due to large storms throughout the area roofing in Denver and Colorado Springs has hit a bottleneck… for some companies.  Here at Great Roofing and Restoration we are fortunate to have many hard working roofing crews on hand and the ability to complete most roofs in one day.  You won’t have two guys up on your roof, taking a week to complete the job.  You will have an entire crew of clean and professional installers whose prime goal is to do every roof correctly and efficiently.


At this point we are only 2 weeks out for most roofing projects for those people with an insurance check ready to go.  Don’t wait until December, or have to wait through the winter and possible leaks due to snow and ice when you can have your roof done in the next 2 weeks! Give us a call at either our Denver or Colorado Springs locations for information!



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