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Littleton roofing systems are some of the most complex roofing systems in the country.  Here in Littleton, our roofing is subjected to some of the most vastly changing weather throughout the course of the year.  During the Littleton winters our roofs are constantly covered in snow that can melt as quickly as it accumulates.  In the summer the dry heat can crack poorly ventilated roofs quicker than the roads we drive on. During the storm season hail is a constant worry, and premium product roofing systems can allow for not only better protection from storms, but also discounts on home insurance premiums.

Roof Repair

Due to the harsh Colorado winters, almost every home in Littleton will undergo some form of roof repair before it is replaced. Snow piling up on your roof over long periods of time can put stress on your roof, causing the structural integrity of your roof to weaken and in certain instances, collapse. However, snow is not the only reason you might need roof repair services during the winter. 

Harsh winters bring heavy winds, and heavy winds cause weak limbs and other debris found near your home to become potential danger. A weak limb above your home can be weighed down by snow, and eventually break off due to the force of the wind. Larger limbs can cause major structural damage, and almost always require the skills of a professional roofing contractor for proper repair.

From shingles to flashing, Great Roofing can handle all of your roofing repair needs. We are experienced in handling the damages that occur during Colorado winters, and can restore your roof back to its former glory quickly. Even if you require major structural repair, the experienced roofing contractors at Great Roofing can get the job done right. 

Roof Installation

The average lifespan of a freshly installed roof is 20-25 years, depending on how well the roof was maintained and the environmental conditions the roof was subjected to. If it’s time for an update, Great Roofing has the knowledge and expertise to install a new roof that is built to last. We offer a wide variety of roofing options, from tile roofing to metal roofing and more. 

It is imperative that you be realistic with yourself while performing a self-inspection of your roof. If you try to “squeeze out another year,” when your roof is in poor condition, it could result in even greater structural damage to your home when a collapse occurs. If you are undecided whether or not your roof can last, it is most likely time for a new roof.

Roof Inspections

If you have concerns about your roof, you may need the help of a qualified roofing contractor to determine exactly what you need. Roof inspections are a powerful tool, and many Littleton residents have their roofs inspected just before the Winter to ensure there are no unexpected deficiencies that could lead to bigger problems in the colder months.

You also may be required to get a roofing inspection performed before you sell a home, as home buyers traditionally like to know the current condition of the roof and when they could expect the need for a new installation. Great Roofing can perform your roof inspection quickly, and give a thorough assessment of what needs repaired so there are no sunrises when the time comes to close. 

There are plenty of reasons to have your roof inspected for damage after a storm. These problems can linger for a long time before being noticed, and by that time leaks may be present. This is why a free roofing inspection from our certified Great Roofing Littleton salesmen can help prevent roofing issues from becoming interior or foundation issues.


Insulation provides a barrier for your home so less cold air is allowed in, and less warm air is allowed out. If you have poor insulation in areas that are at risk of closer exposure to the outside (walls, attics, etc.), you could end up paying a fortune in energy costs over the years. 

Great Roofing can install high quality insulation in your home, ensuring your home remains warm during the winter months. If you are experiencing high energy cost during the winter months and cannot figure out why, it may be a good idea to asses the need for updated insulation. 

Working With Great Roofing
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Our company’s number one focus is making sure that your roofing system keeps your largest investment safe.  Our crews are OSHA compliant and very efficient in the roofing process.  Throughout the re-roofing of your home we have a Great Roofing project manager supervising the job as our crews get to work.  We pay special attention to the landscaping during the roofing process, and will provide tarps and protection for anything requested by the homeowner.  Whether it’s an insurance claim due to storm damage to your roofing system, a commercial roofing installation, or your property just needs a new roof due to age, our crews and project managers can handle any roofing system in the Denver area.

As a Master Elite Contractor for GAF, our roofing specialists will be able to give you a professional opinion on the state of your roofing system.  We can also provide you with roofing warranties that other companies cannot provide!

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