A New Roof for the New Nazarene Baptist Church in Cincinnati!

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Flat roofs are one of the most difficult roofs to maintain, as if the roof isn’t tapered correctly it can fail rapidly.  The process of deterioration can easily become more rapid if there is no taper at all on the flat roofing system.  This was the situation at the New Nazarene Baptist Church in Cincinnati.  They had multiple leaks, including gutter overflow due to all the water being directed to one 5 inch gutter on the rear of the church.  At over 48 squares of flat area, it’s easy to see why that small gutter was overflowing.

Throughout the process we were able to tear off the rubber and see the old fiber board was in even worse condition than expected.  Instead of looking like sheets of wood, it looked more like a combination of a sponge and mulch!


Once that was removed a new tapered iso system was installed, and new EPDM was fully adhered to this newly sloped deck.  Now the water was forced down to both the front and the rear of the church.  We then added new 6 inch gutters to help accommodate the amount of water that comes off the roof.

The sloped portion of the roof was also replaced with a new Lifetime GAF Timberline shingle.

Because we are experienced Cincinnati roofing contractors, the project went smoothly and efficiently overall, with the church finally able to use the spaces below the flat portion without fearing the possibility of taking a shower while at work.

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