Tile Roofing Continues to Thrive in Denver

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0324151509With the outbreak of storms from last season still on most people’s minds, the demand for tile roofing in Denver has skyrocketed.  Most people are tired of having to replace their asphalt roof every 5 years and are switching to high-strength, impact resistant products.  Tile is one of the biggest selling products in Denver, and makes for a great looking home.

We recently completed another tile roof in the Greenwood Village area, and the results are fantastic.  Beforehand the home had an old wood shake roof, and while those are also great looking roofs, the protection from hail is minimal.  An upgrade to tile roofing was the top choice by the homeowners, and home has never looked better.

Be sure to check out our tile roofing installation page to see all the specs for installing your new Boral Tile roofing system!


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